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    Why should I become a patient member?

    Welcome to the New Jersey Doctor Patient Alliance!

    Our organization represents a partnership between patients and healthcare providers, focused on protecting the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship as the foundation of healthcare.

    Today's healthcare system has become too confusing and stressful for both patients and doctors. Sadly, the anxiety of having a medical problem these days is often not the illness, but navigating through the “big business” insurance system. Instead of focusing on finding the best doctors to get better and be healthy, we struggle with phone calls and stare at the computer screen trying to understand our narrowed network insurance benefit and pharmaceutical plans.

    The prior authorizations for procedures and surgeries you need are harder to obtain, keeping your medical records and referrals in order for each doctor is challenging, and the constant changing healthcare laws are confusing. We are all lost in the insurance and hospital industry jargon and the myriad of obstacles which are designed to deter us and to maximize profits, instead of focusing on our patients' health.

    The New Jersey Doctor-Patient Alliance is now putting the patients and doctors back in the driver's seat by providing useful resources and information to help guide you through this complex and ever-changing environment.

    To that end, these are some of the resources that the NJPDA membership provide for our patients:

    • Help you navigate through your insurance plan, whether that’s helping you choose the right plan for you and your family and/or guiding you through your explanation of benefits after a bill has been processed (Click here to read the NJDPA Insurance Guide)
    • Access to our NJDPA doctors' directory which will allow you to build a successful team of doctors in your area who share our same priorities of "patients before profits”
    • A members-only forum so you can send us questions regarding your health insurance
    • Email alerts on news that affect you as a patient and healthcare consumer
    • Patient educational seminars on a variety of different topics, keeping you updated on the latest health care advances, patient-oriented topics, and information to help you get more out of every visit to your doctor.

    The NJDPA will collaborate with patient members to develop new and empowering membership resources as we grow together.

    Membership is free!

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