The Record: Vitale plan for surprise medical bills hurts patients

This op-ed originally ran on June 26 on If you’ve been following the debate over out-of-network benefits, you’ve no doubt heard about the patient charged $49,000 for an overnight in the emergency room after a broken bone or another patient charged $59,000 for a two-day stay after kidney stones.

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New Jersey physicians unite to have more say in out-of-network billing policies

This article original ran on June 13 in Becker's Hospital CFO Report The New Jersey Doctor-Patient Alliance, a social action committee, is aiming to amplify physician's voices regarding out-of-network billing policies, according to NJBIZ.

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NJBIZ: Group aims to give doctors a stronger voice in out-of-network debate

This article originally appeared in on June 13, 2017 A surgeon, a lobbyist and a politician walk into a room. That is hopefully going to be a more common occurrence, if the 2-month-old New Jersey Doctor-Patient Alliance has anything to say about it.

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