Why NJDPA and other groups oppose S-1285

Politicians are telling us that they will lower insurance premiums by reining in excessive out-of-network costs.

But what they don't say is how this will impact patients.

The New Jersey Doctor Patient-Alliance opposes S-1285/A-1952, the doctor price-fixing legislation sponsored by Sen. Joe Vitale. The legislation dangerously undermines the honest doctors in our State who treat patients without regard to their ability to pay. Its heavy-handed arbitration model, stacked against doctors in favor of insurers, would make 24-hour ER coverage unaffordable in our community and inner-city hospitals. The real victims of this would be our citizens, as the emergency safety net gets pulled out from under them.

The NJDPA supports Sen. Paul Sarlo's S-3299 and Assemblyman Raj Mukherji’s A-4228, can be put forward to protect patients and reduce costs. (Read our op-ed on the issue.)

The NJDPA is not alone. Other medical organizations are also opposing S-1285. Learn more about why they are opposed by clicking on the links and reading their position papers.

Groups that oppose S-1285:

American Medical Association

American Society of Plastic Surgeons

Groups that support S-3299

American Society of Plastic Surgeons 

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